The Rector has appointed a number of delegates to act on his behalf for a two-year period (until 31/10/2019) as per rectoral decree n. 109042, December 20th 2017:

Name Delegation
Link identifier #identifier__52984-1prof. Giulia Caneva Delegate for the use and organization of Roma Tre University Studies and Research Center  Allumiere;
Link identifier #identifier__160333-2prof. Stefano Carrese Delegate for sustainable mobility
Link identifier #identifier__108766-3prof. Camilla Cattarulla Delegate for International Relations: Latin America
Link identifier #identifier__115256-4prof. Lucia Chiappetta Cajola Delegate for disability, specific learning disorders (SLD) and inclusion support
Link identifier #identifier__52049-5prof. Luigi Chierchia Delegate for the coordination and development of the University sport activities
Link identifier #identifier__76-6prof. Antonio Cocozza Delegate for the alternanza scuola-lavoro project / for work-related learning (projects)
Link identifier #identifier__174145-7prof. Carlo Colapietro Delegate for student affairs
Link identifier #identifier__105234-8prof. Marina D’Amato Delegate for the relations with cultural institutions
Link identifier #identifier__142725-9prof. Mario De Caro Delegate for International Relations: North America and Oceania
Link identifier #identifier__61131-10prof. Pasquale De Muro Delegate for International Relations: Africa
Link identifier #identifier__91246-11prof. Daniele Fiorentino Delegate for the courses taught in English
Link identifier #identifier__146803-12prof. Luca Marcozzi Delegate for student mobility
Link identifier #identifier__154449-13prof. Paolo Mattera Delegate for the working group on University orientation (GLOA) and to the relations with educational institutions
Link identifier #identifier__46878-14prof. Mario Micheli Delegate for development cooperation
Link identifier #identifier__91563-15prof. Giancarlo Monina Delegate for prison education
Link identifier #identifier__119164-16prof. Alessandro Neri Delegate for telecommunications
Link identifier #identifier__62989-17prof. Camillo Nuti Delegate for International Relations: China
Link identifier #identifier__163335-18prof. Stefano Panzieri Delegate for digital competence transfer
Link identifier #identifier__131349-19prof. Valeria Pompejano Delegate for communication and promotion
Link identifier #identifier__4322-20prof. Carlo Alberto Pratesi Delegate for start-ups and companies
Link identifier #identifier__103869-21prof. Roberto Raimondi Delegate for the coordination of the University Library System Scientific Council
Link identifier #identifier__101155-22prof. Roberto Romei Delegate for the relations with the unions
Link identifier #identifier__59710-23prof. Giuseppe Schettini Delegate for North America technology transfer
Link identifier #identifier__190073-24prof. Chiara Tonelli Delegate for environmental sustainability
Link identifier #identifier__36407-25prof. Alessandro Verra Delegate for the Alta Scuola Roma Tre – ASTRE
Informazioni di sistema 22 February 2018