Seminario internazionale - Antitrust Enforcement and Big Tech Companies

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16 Novembre 2018, ore 14:30
Sala del Consiglio
Via Ostiense 161 - Roma

Il 16 novembre alle ore 14,30 si terrà presso la sala del Consiglio del Dipartimento di Giurisprudenza il seminario internazionale dal titolo Antitrust Enforcement and Big Tech Companies. 

Comitato scientifico: prof. Margherita Colangelo (Roma Tre University) • prof. Mariateresa Maggiolino (Bocconi University) • dott. Anna Argentati (ICA)

Many would like that current antitrust enforcement authorities to be particularly concerned of the role and size that “big tech” companies – such as Google, Amazon, or Facebook – have achieved in digital markets during the last decade. While it is crucial to preserve the innovation that they drive, many questions arise with regard to their allegedly ubiquitous presence, their impact on old and new rivals, and the way in which they affect wealth distribution. These issues are widespread on the both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. However, different enforcement policies have been adopted up to now, as recent the EU Commission’s investigations against Google testify.

By bringing together legal scholars, economists, regulators, and stakeholders, the seminar aims at stimulating a multidisciplinary dialogue on the emerging antitrust issues and challenges relating to big tech companies, including market concentration, contestability, anticompetitive conducts and policy approaches.

Introduction: Margherita Colangelo  (Roma Tre University)

Keynote speech
William E. Kovacic (GWU;  King’s College)


Chair: Federico Ghezzi (Bocconi University)

Digital Threats (or Challenges) to European Economies and Democracies
Pier Luigi Parcu (EUI)

Big Tech and Mergers
Marianela Lopez-Galdos (CCIA)

The Role of Competition Enforcement in the Digital Economy
Massimiliano Kadar (EU Commission)

Personalized Antitrust in the Digital World
Mariateresa Maggiolino (Bocconi University)

The Promise of Blockchain for Competition Law: A Reality Check
Ioannis Lianos (UCL)

Conclusions - Gabriella Muscolo (ICA)

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