Roma Tre University

Via Ostiense, 159
00154 Rome

Roma Tre is a polycentric university campus whose premises are distributed throughout the area, thus allowing an active integration with the city/urban context. For information on the University locations please refer to the page Link identifier #identifier__119337-1Where we are

Roma Tre answers

Dialling the number 0039 06 5733 2100, through an automatic answering service, you can contact:

  • Department Student Office
  • Public Relations Office

University Directory

For information on contact numbers of academic and non-academic staff (administrative, technical and library staff) as well as of the University offices please consult the Directory on the home page.

Link identifier #identifier__39400-2Public Relations Office

For information on the various services offered by the University as well as for raising concerns and making suggestions.

Link identifier #identifier__62994-3Area Studenti (Student Division)

For information on the career management of enrolled students.

Link identifier #identifier__89336-4International Student Mobility Office

For information on admissions and exchange programmes.

Department Student Office

For any specific information on academic offer and teaching delivery modes please contact the academic offices on the Departments and Schools homepages.

Link identifier #identifier__94455-5Student Affairs Division

Link identifier #identifier__30052-6Job Placement Office
Link identifier #identifier__13266-7Students with special needs
Link identifier #identifier__177254-8Student activities Office
Link identifier #identifier__63504-2Link identifier #identifier__11093-9Internship Office
Link identifier #identifier__160838-10Orientation Office


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