Condensed Matter Physics, Nanoscience and Complex Systems

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(There are no available positions reserved to foreign applicants. Those willing, may apply to the regural positions, as the italian candidates. ) This is an interdisciplinary PhD programme aimed at training young researchers in the wide field of nano-science and nano-technology, and in particular at study and manipulation of physico-chemical processes at the nanoscale. Nanoscience is a branch of Condensed Matter, where Quantum Physics, Chemistry, Material Science, and Molecular Biology contribute all together towards an impact in both fundamental science and industrial applications.The task of this programme is to train the students so that they gain: -Attitude for working in a team, and contributing with personal and original ideas -Attitude for developing theoretical models The training is mainly based on research; school courses will be delivered only during the first year. Since the first year the PhD students will be associated with one of the research groups active in the Department and/or engaged in national or international collaborations.


Curriculum Scienze della materia, nanotecnologie e sistemi complessi
codice CURR829