Research activities

image 102183Roma Tre University establishes its main role in research for the development of knowledge and the achievement of goals of particular interest from a scientific, cultural, social and economic viewpoint. In this respect it considers research as a crucial function and it guarantees its development as well as its essential connection with pedagogy.

Roma Tre Students are therefore surrounded by and are a part of a high-level international research environment that contributes to every step of their study programme, to stimulate and to develop their capabilities.

Roma Tre encourages and supports basic research in all its scientific disciplinary areas enhancing its original and innovative contents. Moreover, Roma Tre promotes applied research focused on the development and the transfer of new technologies, always respecting the goals and the responsibilities connected to its nature as a public institution working for the common good.

Despite its young age, Roma Tre has a consolidated position within the national and international research scenario. Just to list some examples, Roma Tre has received the approval, out of highly competitive tenders, for 568 Projects of Significant National Interest by Miur and for 148 of them it was given the role of coordinator. In the last years it has been awarded financing for 14 projects reserved for young researchers only. In the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Community, which has just been closed, 47  projects were approved 13 of which with the role of coordinator.

Furthermore, Roma Tre works together with many other universities and research institutions at regional, national and international level.

For further information about research at Roma Tre, please browse the sites of the Link identifier #identifier__168221-1Departments and Research Centres, of the Link identifier #identifier__128145-2Research Office, of theLink identifier #identifier__55878-3 Community Projects Office and of the Link identifier #identifier__54640-4Research Registry



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