Community Projects Office

The Community Projects Office (UPC) organizes all activities connected to the participation and the management of community research projects as well as to the information, support and technical assistance for lecturers and researchers in order to promote and foster the international aspect of the scientific research of the university. It works closely with all Research Assistants of the Departmental Units who handle, directly with lecturers and researchers involved in the projects, all the operating phases linked to its realization.

The office also offers official support to the University in the preparation of internal procedures to manage and administrate complex programmes related to community grants of RS&T.
The role of the Office is to identify and disclose the various opportunities (at community, national and international level) as well as provide technical-administrative assistance in  preparing proposals and in managing contracts.

Information and contacts
Address Via Ostiense, 159 00154 Roma, room 206 – 207
Telephone 06 57332590/2347
Fax 06 57332409
Email Link identifier
References Nicola MOZZILLO: Link identifier – 0657332509
Maria Cristina PIERAZZI: Link identifier– 0657333481
Salvatore TRICOLI: Link identifier – 0657334214


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