Calls for proposals

The tenders for competitive funding are those  that include a public tender with the participation of more subjects (universities, institutions and public/private foundations, research institutions, departments, research groups or units and so on..) and with the selection of the winner through a refereeing system.

With reference to this type of funding the Link identifier #identifier__33520-1Research Office and the Link identifier #identifier__129169-2Community Projects Office support lecturers and researchers in order to identify better funding opportunities for research at local, regional, national, European and international level.

Hereinafter are the main links:

National funding course of action

  • Link identifier #identifier__93451-3PRIN: Research projects of national interest
  • Link identifier #identifier__44456-4FIRB: Support to basic research
  •  “Link identifier #identifier__151403-5Future in Research“ programme whose aim is to enhance the generational replacement at universities funding fundamental research projects proposed by young researchers.
  • Link identifier #identifier__199836-6Programme SIR (Scientific Independence of young Researchers), whose aim is to support young researchers at the beginning of their independent research activity.

International funding course of action

  • Link identifier #identifier__9197-7Participant Portal: Main reference site of the European Commission to raise funds and the participation to funding programmes
  • Link identifier #identifier__108188-8LIFE: Funding programme for the intervention and awareness of projects on environmental subjects (research projects on this topic are not considered).
  • Link identifier #identifier__145169-9EACEA: Agency that coordinates the main funding programmes connected to educational and cultural issues like Erasmus +, Creative Europe and Europe for Citizens
  • Link identifier #identifier__136900-10EASME: Support Agency to Small-Medium Enterprises for fund raising
  • Link identifier #identifier__38133-11CEF: Tool of the INEA Agency, “Connecting Europe Facility” whose aim is to promote the growth and the competitiveness in Europe with continuous tenders on the following issues: Energy, Telecom, Transport.
  • Link identifier #identifier__147373-12EASI: Inclusion, employment and social affairs Agency.
  • Link identifier #identifier__37429-13Tenders: Link for the research Calls for Tenders divided according to the departments
  • Link identifier #identifier__150914-14Call for proposals and tenders: Research Link for Call  for Proposals and Tenders divided into topics
Valentina Efrati 25 January 2018