State exams

At the Università degli Studi Roma Tre students can take the state exam required for the following professions:
SECTION A: Specialist Social Assistant, Civil Engineer and Environmental Engineer, Industrial and Information Engineer, Engineer, Chartered Accountant.
SECTION B: Social Assistant, Junior Engineer (Civil and Environmental, Industrial and Information), Accounting Expert.
Those who are already qualified for the profession of Chartered Accountant or Accounting Expert or for those attending the examination of Chartered Accountant or the Examination of Accounting Expert, after passing these exams, are expected to pass the state exam for becoming Legal Auditor.
The State Exam for working as a Geologist takes place in conjunction with Università Sapienza of Rome. Therefore, for the year 2017, applications will be submitted to the State Secretariat in charge of State exams of Università Sapienza.
The Ministry of University and Research has published the Ministerial Orders setting out the dates of the State exams for the year 2017
Regulated professions
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Chartered Accountant and Accounting Expert – Legal Auditor
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Information and all communications related to each state exam are available at the following links:

Issuing of certificates and diplomas



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