ASTRE – Alta Scuola Roma Tre

Link identifier #identifier__48964-1ASTRE is part of university high schools funded by the Ministry of Education, University and Research.

ASTRE is an interdisciplinary bi-annual school: it brings together students from all of the Bachelor’s degree programs of the University, professors of Roma Tre, and Italian or foreign professors of a clear international reputation.

Following the application for admission and selection for merit, 40 students for each biennium enrolled in the first year of master degree or fourth year of the five-year undergraduate courses will be selected.

The students of ASTRE participate in the teaching and scientific initiatives of the School. They require an additional teaching assignment of about fifty hours of lessons per year.

Students admitted to the School receive a scholarship. They also use various facilities during the two years to use the structures of Roma Tre, which can enable them to carry out the extra studies they require.

The student who completes the school’s two-year term and the degree program of his/her undergraduate degree receives an ASTRE degree attesting his success at the School.

Job Placement and Job Placement Projects are planned to be able to connect ASTRE graduates with different stakeholders, in the field of business, research and institutions, interested in the School and in further training that the School offers to its students.




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