The Department of Engineering of Roma Tre University carries on research, advanced training and technology transfer in all sectors of engineering, this being considered as the set of disciplines that contribute to the improvement of civil life and socio-economic development, through conception, analysis, design and realisation processes, rooted on solid technical and scientific bases.

The activities of the Department involve all engineering sectors as well as basic and applied sciences to engineering and interdisciplinary fields in which engineering plays a significant role.

Research contributes to the production of new knowledge and it interacts with teaching and transfer activities, through a constant, mutual and fertile exchange. Research is supported by internal as well as by external public and private funds, often in collaboration with national and international scholars and institutions. The educational activities of the Department involve all University cycles; for this reason it organises Bachelor’s degrees, Master’s degrees and PhDs courses, as well as more specific activities, such as postgraduate and specialisation courses to satisfy the demands deriving from technological evolution, society and the labour market. Students are increasingly involved in research activities, from the first to the last University cycle actively and indispensably contributing with original ideas.


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