Deputy Vice-Rector

image 63086Lucia Chiappetta Cajola has been Full Professor of ‘Teaching and Special Education’ since 2008, and Associate Professor since 2004 at Roma Tre University.  Graduated in Pedagogy from Sapienza University of Rome, she was a school headmaster in both Pistoia and Rome, and she has held several institutional positions assigned by MIUR, MAE and the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, among which she was: Government Commissioner for the Italian Schools Abroad; Scientific Coordinator of the School, Training and Research Area of Special Olympics Italia Non-profit Organisation, as well as of IFAD’s project ‘A World without hunger’ and of the pilot project to establish an internship within Roma Tre University Degree Course in Primary Teaching Education; member of the Scientific Committee for the implementation in schools of ICF and WHO, and for SLD.

Her research areas are mainly focused on inclusive teaching and evaluation practices, and on Evidence Based Education in teacher training, both in face-to-face and distance learning. Among the most recent research themes there are: promotion of the study method for students with specific learning disorders, orientation, assessment and certification of competences for students with disabilities, music- and game-based learning for the educational inclusion, application of ICF Core Set.

She is a member of several scientific committees of A-class journals and editorial series and she is the Director of the ‘Tools for inclusive teaching’ series for Carocci Publishing, Rome.

She is Director of the Specialisation Courses in teaching support to students with disabilities, at the University of L’Aquila, and President of the Roma Tre/Cassino/Southern Latium Committee for courses of the same kind.

She is Vice-President of the Italian Association of Special Education; she is a founding member and a Steering Committee member of the Italian Association on Evidence Based Education.

At Roma Tre she was CUG Coordinator (2015-2016), Director of the Department of Education Science (2016-2017), member of the Council in the Departmental Directors Board, member of the Academic Senate, member of the University Teaching Commission, and President of the Technical-Scientific Committee for the design and coordination of the Degree Course in Educational Sciences e-learning channel.

Since 8th November 2017, she has been Deputy Vice-Rector.


Valentina Efrati 28 February 2018