Vice-Rector for innovation and technology transfer

Prorettore Prof. Alessandro ToscanoAlessandro Toscano (Capua, 1964) graduated in Electronic Engineering from Sapienza University of Rome in 1988 and he received his PhD in 1993.  Since 2011, he has been Full Professor of Electromagnetic Fields at the Engineering Department of Roma Tre University. He carries out an intense academic and scientific activity, both nationally and internationally.

From April 2013 to January 2018 he was a member of Roma Tre University Academic Senate. From October 2016 to October 2018, he is a member of the National Commission which enables National Scientific Qualifications to Full and Associate Professors in the tender sector 09/F1 – Electromagnetic fields.

Since 23rd January 2018 he has been Vice-Rector for Innovation and Technology Transfer.

In addition to his commitment in organizing scientific events, he also carries out an intense editorial activity as a member of the review committees of major international journals and conferences in the field of applied electromagnetics.

He has held numerous invited lectures at universities, public and private research institutions, national and international companies on the subject of artificial electromagnetic materials, metamaterials and their applications.

He actively participated in founding the international association on metamaterials Virtual Institute for Advanced Electromagnetic Materials – METAMORPHOSE, VI. He coordinates and participates in several research projects and contracts funded by national and international public and private research institutions and industries.

Alessandro Toscano’s scientific research has as ultimate objective the conceiving, designing and manufacturing of innovative electromagnetic components with a high technological content that show enhanced performance compared to those obtained with traditional technologies and that respond to the need for environment and human health protection.  His research activities are focused on three fields: metamaterials and unconventional materials, in collaboration with Professor A. Alù’s group at The University of Texas at Austin, USA, research and development of electromagnetic cloaking devices and their applications (First place winner of the Leonardo Group Innovation Award for the research project entitled: ‘Metamaterials and electromagnetic invisibility’) and the research and manufacturing of innovative antenna systems and miniaturized components (first place winner of the Leonardo Group Innovation Award for the research project entitled: “Use of metamaterials for miniaturization of components” – MiniMETRIS).

He is the author of more than one hundred publications in international journals indexed ISI or Scopus; of these on a worldwide scale, three are in the first 0.1 percentile, five in the first 1 percentile and twenty-five in the first 5 percentile in terms of number of quotations and journal quality.

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