Vice-Rector to schools, societies and institutions

image 25196Marco Ruotolo (Rome, 1971), graduated cum laude in Law from Sapienza University of Rome, he received his PhD in ‘Public Law’ from the University of Rome Tor Vergata (1994-1997, title awarded in 1998) and was researcher in ‘Constitutional Law’ at the Faculty of Law of Sapienza University of Rome (1998-2001). He has been admitted to practice after having passed his bar exam at the Court of Appeal of Rome during the 1996-1997 session. Associate Professor of Constitutional Law at the Faculty of Law of the University of Camerino since 2001, he became Full Professor in 2003 and was then awarded a Full Professor teaching position on the 1st of March 2005 at the same University, where he was also elected member of the Academic Senate.  Since 2008 he is Full Professor of Constitutional Law at the Department of Law of Roma Tre University, where he is also Director of the Postgraduate Course in Prison Law and Constitution.

He is in the steering committee of several A-class legal journals, including ‘Diritto e Società’ (Law and Society) and ‘’ (, as well as of important series of publications, including ‘Costituzionalisti del XX secolo’ (Constitutionalists of the 20th century), ‘Diritto penitenziario e Costituzione’ (Prison Law and Constitution) and “Per una koinè costituzionale’ (For a constitutional koinè).

He is a member of the Italian Association of Constitutionalists and of the ‘Gruppo di Pisa’ (Pisa Group) and he was elected in the past in the Steering Committee of both.

He has held several institutional assignments in Ministerial committees and study commissions, and he was also research assistant at the Italian Constitutional Court (1/12/2001-28/2/2005;3/1/2016-7/11/2016). He is currently an elective member of Roma Capitale Referendum Commission. He promotes various activities for the university inclusion of prisoners, as well as to spread the culture of legality and the constitutional values in educational institutions. In particular he coordinates Roma Tre University ‘Rights in Prison Project’ (Link identifier #identifier__45146-1«Progetto Diritti in carcere»); he is a member of the  Working Group on the promotion of the legality and co-responsibility culture (which involves MIUR, DNA, ANAC, ANM); he is the Italian Association of Constitutionalists (AIC) responsible for the implementation of the MIUR-AIC Protocol in the Lazio Region.

He is the author of more than 170 publications, in particular on the sources of law, on the fundamental rights and the constitutional justice. He has written: ‘La dimensione temporale dell’invalidità della legge’ (The temporal dimension of the law invalidity), Padua, 2000; ‘Diritti dei detenuti e Costituzione’ (Rights of prisoners and Constitution), Turin, 2002 (translated into Spanish under the title ‘Derechos de los detenidos y Constitución’, Buenos Aires, 2004); ‘Aggiornamenti sulle riforme costituzionali’ (Updates on constitutional reforms) (1998-2008), with F. Modugno and A. Celotto, Turin, 2008; ‘Dignità e carcere’ (Dignity and Prison), Naples, 2011 (second edition, integrated and updated, 2014); ‘Sicurezza, dignità e lotta alla povertà’ (Security, dignity and fight against poverty), Naples, 2012; ‘ Interpretare. Nel segno della Costituzione’ (Interpreting according to the Constitution) Naples, 2014.  He is also editor of seven volumes and co-author of the ‘Diritto Pubblico’ (Public Law) handbook, Torino, ult. ed. 2017.

As of November 30th 2017, he is Vice-Rector to schools, societies and institutions. His full profile and curriculum can be found at: Link identifier #identifier__38797-2 .

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