Vice-Rector for Labour Market Area

image 15053Silvia Ciucciovino (Roma, 1968) is Full Professor in Labor Law, at Roma Tre University, Economics Department.
Since January 2018 she has been Vice-Rector for labour market area at University of Roma Tre.
She is Council Member of the National Council for Economics and Labour (CNEL), as Expert appointed by the President of the Italian Republic by Presidential Decree, July 21, 2017, for the Council term 2017-2022.
She is Member of the Higher Council of Public Education (Ministry of University and Research’ Decree n. 184 , 31st December 2020).
Since November 2020 has been Member of the Scientific Advisory Board Smart Business Rome (SAB Smart Business Rome).
She is Member of the Lazio Regional Council for digital work (President of Lazio Region’s Decree n. T00102, 24th June 2020)
Since April 2020 has been Member of “LazioLab”, the task force of experts on the so called “Phase2” of the COVID-19 health emergency in Lazio Region.
She is Member of the Advisory board on Blockchain Policies, appointed as Expert by the OECD Blockchain policy Center.
She is President of LABChain Interuniversity Center for advanced studies on technological innovation and Blockchain labor policies, set up at the University of Roma Tre
She is President of the University Commission for the employment contracts certification established at Roma Tre University (Ministry of Labor’s Decree n. 21, 14th March 2011).
From 2017 to 2019 she has been Member of the Board of Directors of Lazio Innova S.p.a.
From 24th March 2016 to the appointment as Vice-Rector on 23rd January 2018, she was Academic Member of the University Senate.
From 2014 to 2016 she was the Rector’s Delegate for University Union Relations. From 2013 to 2016 she was Deputy Director of the Department of Economics and also Member of the Department Council.
Since July 2019 she has been Coordinator of the master’s degree program in the labor market, industrial relations and welfare systems.
She holds courses in “Social security law” and “Labor law”. Previously she taught Labor market law, Trade Union Law, Social security law, Collective bargaining.
She is a founding Member of the Association for Interdisciplinary Studies and Research on Labour (ASTRIL).
She is Member of the board of the PhD in “Private Autonomy, Business, Work and Protection of Rights in a European and International perspective”: curriculum Labour Law at Sapienza University of Rome.
She is Member of the Scientific Committee of the Law Journal “Giornale di diritto del lavoro e delle relazioni industriali” (Journal of labour law and industrial relations), published by Franco Angeli, and Member of the Committee of Referees of the “Rivista italiana di diritto del lavoro” (Italian labour law Journal) and “” ( journal, both published by Giuffrè.
She carried out consultancy activities as an Expert for the Presidency of the Council of Ministers –Department of Public Service (1998-1999), for the Office of the National Counsellor for Equal Opportunities (2004-2006) and for the Chamber of Deputies (2008-2012).
She is the scientific and overall coordinator of many public and privately funded research projects.
She was selected as potential commissioner for the National Scientific Qualification Commission (D.D. MIUR n. 1531/2016).
She has authored over one hundred scientific publications including monographs, essays, contributions to anthologies, encyclopaedic entries and articles. She is the author of two monographs: “Il sistema normativo del lavoro temporaneo” (The regulatory system of temporary work), Giappichelli, 2008 and “Apprendimento e tutela del lavoro” (Learning and employment protection), Giappichelli, 2013.
Her main research interests focus on: issues related to regulation of the labour market, with particular attention to work flexibility and active labour market policies; on companies investments in personnel training, and on-the job training contracts; on labour law issues regardind the evolution of company organizations; on welfare issues, prevention and non-contentious solution of labour disputes; on the more traditional aspects of the employment relationship, such as subordination and autonomy, duties, dismissal, health and safety protection and privacy protection.

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