Roma Tre. A Young University for Young People

Roma Tre has transformed abandoned and degraded areas into modern places characterised by precious architectures preserving the flavour of industrial archaeology, where students can spend their time studying but also relaxing and enjoying conviviality. This video, illustrating the peculiarities of the "young university for young people”, leads the audience - through high quality graphic effects - from the past to the present of Roma Tre’s many premises, all located in the south-western area and in the historical centre of the capital.

Two young actors, students at Roma Tre University, guide the viewer through the "great beauty" of Rome and Roma Tre. The voice over is a sort of young “diary” of a young woman visiting the university: leading role in this short informative but also emotional journey. Roma Tre University is a “terrace” over the city and over the world, as in the last scene of the video where the two main characters look towards the Gasometer, the Ostiense area and the whole eternal city.

The video was produced by the Audio-visual Production Centre (CPA), a laboratory in the Department of Philosophy, Communication and Performing Arts. It was designed and directed by the film director, historian and film critic, Vito Zagarrio, professor of Cinema at Roma Tre University. The original music is by Paolo Vivaldi, the picture by Stanislao Cantono Di Ceva and the editing by Fabrizio Mambro. The organization was managed by Emiliano Aiello and Christian Carmosino of CPA; the research was carried on by a group of young students and PhD students. Consultants for the realisation of this video were the former Vice-Rectors Francesca Renzi, Giuseppe Di Battista and Vincenzo Mannino.

The video was produced in Link identifier #identifier__80056-1Italian, in Link identifier #identifier__144986-2English and as a Link identifier #identifier__8520-3Teaser (short version without speaker).

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