Cultura, Educazione, Comunicazione

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The Doctoral Course in “Cultura, Educazione, Comunicazione” is part of the École Doctorale Internationale “Culture, éducation, communication”. The international perspective of the school allows to define curricula more responsive to the needs of research projects characterized by interdisciplinarity and by an international perspective. Main aims of the Course: - to ensure high quality education and training for research in the field of education; - to develop competences and skills needed for educational research at an international level; - to develop the knowledge of different EU languages and cultures, through the participation in the activities of the international school. The course is organized in two different curricula: a. Comunicazione educativa (Educational Communication); b. Apprendimento permanente (Lifelong Learning).


Curriculum Comunicazione educativa
codice CURR847
Curriculum Apprendimento permanente
codice CURR848