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The Department of Economics runs a PhD programme in Economics since the XXX Cycle. The programme involves further educational training aimed at scientific research. It is multidisciplinary and is organised along the following curricula: A) Environment, Development and International Relations, B) Economics and C) Productive Systems and Public Policy. Admission to the PhD and completion of the study programme will lead to the attainment of the title of Doctor of Research. The PhD entails teaching at an advanced level, the aim of which is to train students in the field of theoretical economics, economic policy, enviroment and development economics and policy, also through acquisition of the relevant statistic and quantitative methodologies. The programme will enable students to choose between a variety of interdisciplinary issues. Throughout the academic course of study, students will be strongly encouraged to take part in cultural exchanges and international contacts with study periods abroad, visiting professorships, courses, seminars and workshops organised in collaboration with other universities in Italy, in the European Union as well as in the rest of the world. In the following years, PhD students will have access to the CatChain ( mobility program funded by the European Commission’ Marie Skłodowska Curie Actions. The Program will be able to fund fellowships in several countries, such as Brazil, Costa Rica, India, Malaysia, South Africa and South Korea.


Curriculum Economia politica
codice CURR862
Curriculum Ambiente, sviluppo e relazioni internazionali
codice CURR863
Curriculum Sistemi produttivi e politiche pubbliche
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