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The PhD in Philosophy aims to satisfy the criteria and the newest practices of international scientific research and to address fundamental cultural issues, matured in the European and Overseas scientific community: - to promote the autonomous cultural heritage of philosophical studies and the high scientific value of its national and international tradition; - to enhance the interdisciplinary nature of philosophy, encouraging the interweaving with theoretical, technical-scientific and practical knowledge, in accordance with recent developments in international research; - to privilege the following thematic paths: • essential problems and methodologies of theoretical philosophy; • study of the historical evolution of thought; • deep analysis of the themes of theoretical and applied ethics, political and social philosophy, also with the aim to promote intercultural dialogue; • aesthetic issues, considered in their interactions with the literary and artistic fields; • relations between philosophy and the natural, formal and social sciences; problems of the philosophy of languages and philosophy of the mind.


Curriculum Filosofia
codice CURR846