Computer Science and Automation

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The PhD program aims to provide students with a solid competence and with a correct methodology for performing scientific research in Computer Science and Automation. The PhD students will acquire ability to abstract, model, and generalize complex problems arising from application areas of interest in computer science and automation; to use algorithmic, mathematical, and technological methodologies to design solutions for the problems addressed; to implement the proposed solutions and verify their effectiveness and efficiency analytically or experimentally, comparing the validity of one's solutions with that of other solutions present in the state of the art; and to synthesize one's research through the writing of scientific papers and their publication, and through the presentation of one's results at national and international conferences. The doctoral course aims to develop transversal skills that are also transferable to the world of work, so that the Ph.D. student achieves, in addition to a good maturity and autonomy in research activity, a broad, rigorous scientific preparation. Earning a doctorate in Computer Science and Automation, in addition to being a natural first step for those who want to pursue a university career, provides a qualification that is highly expendable in companies where high methodological and technological skills are required. Job placement opportunities are greatly increased after the Ph.D. in Computer Science and Automation, thanks in part to the multidisciplinary nature of the course, which often involves research activities hinged on applied research projects and in many cases carried out in collaboration with companies or other research organizations. The PhD program spans three years. Each student is guided by a PhD advisor, who is selected among the Faculty of the Engineering Department of Roma Tre University. During the PhD program, each student can spend some time, usually 6 months, visiting an international research center or university.


Curriculum Informatica e automazione
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