Educational and social theory and research

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The PhD in “Educational theory and research” aims to educate highly qualified scholars, fully operational in both public and private agencies and institutions, enabling them to design and manage theoretical and applied research programs in educational and sociological fields. The course insists on scientific-disciplinary sectors pertaining to the pedagogic and sociologic areas; the relevant knowledge will take advantage of common epistemological factors. The scientific domains of the Doctorate refer to methodology apparatuses and documentary resources (research-action; oral history and life narratives; participating observation; etc.), which require a strong bond and interweaving so to attain to fact-finding results adequate to the complexity of the issues dealt with. This orientation of training objectives also insists on the PNRR's indications from the perspective of boosting growth, innovation, environmental sustainability, social inclusion and territorial cohesion. The acquisition of theoretical and methodological competences in the relevant domains of the Doctorate will open to Ph. Doctors a variety of opportunities in the socio-educational and training services, in the field of educational and social research, as well as in the areas of school, education and training, and social care and welfare services. Furthermore, a score is assigned to the PhD title in the school ranking for teaching and public exams. The main professional outlets include research (universities, public institutions and private agencies, etc.), teaching, training, and designing, coordination and implementation of social services. The PhD course is structured in the following curricula: 1. Teoria e ricerca educativa – Theory and Research in Education. 2. Sociologia e servizio sociale – Sociology and Social Work. 3. Teoria e storia della pedagogia, dell'educazione, della letteratura per l'infanzia – Theory and History of Pedagogy, Education, and Children’s Literature.


Curriculum Sociologia e Servizio Sociale
codice CURR1047
Curriculum Teoria e ricerca educativa
codice CURR1046
Curriculum Teoria e Storia della Pedagogia, dell'educazione, della letteratura per l'infanzia
codice CURR1048