Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

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The general educational objective of the PhD course in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering is to deepen and integrate specific and diversified skills, each of high value in the specific technical sector-scientific, in order to create a knowledge base that will enable the future PhD candidate to deal with complex problems, characterized by a strong multidisciplinarity. These skills are oriented to the development of methodologies that integrate energy systems and power generation, thermal engineering, measurement engineering, applied mechanics, industrial and mechanical design, machine construction, manufacturing technology, industrial engineering and operations management, mining engineering, safety engineering and risk assessment, power electronics and electrical machines, business and management engineering, biomedical engineering. The above competencies are used in the design, development, construction, operation and end-of-life of products and engineering works, production and logistics systems, also with regard to sustainability and environmental impacts. The proposed research approaches range from the application of numerical simulations to laboratory experimentation to prototyping, with strong multidisciplinary characteristics and multidimensional and multiscale analysis. This is also achieved by means of the advanced istrumentation/equipment available in the laboratories, which make possible a methodological approach that is not only broad, but also rigorous and scientifically thorough.


Curriculum Ingegneria meccanica e industriale
codice CURR1068