21010031-1 - HISTORY OF TECHNIQUES - part 1

The course of History of Architecture and Methods of Analysis is conceived in two integrated parts (Part 1 and Part 2) and aims at critically retracing the composition process - either ideological, methodical or procedural - at the basis of every architecture, in the period of time between the Fifteen century and the Contemporary Age, in order to help the students improve their capacity of understanding the buildings and their design and technical features. Part 1, structured in a chronological sequence of lessons, considers above all the historical evolution of the design method, and deals closely with the language, together with the programmatic criteria and the motivations -even ideological- found in masterworks of architecture.
Part Two aims at enhancing graphic means and cultural strategies underlying different historiographic approaches suggested in Part 1, with a particular interest in the diagrammatic architectural representation across centuries.
Thanks to the comparison between primary and secondary sources, as well as between miscellaneous texts and images related to particular topics, students acquire a new awareness in reading and interpreting different forms of architectural representation (built or virtual), and through collegial discussions– in form of open seminars in class – they acquire skills in oral and visual expressions, essential for a critical experience of the space as well as for any further historic investigation.

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The course focuses on the history of construction in the XVI Century, by starting from the recovery of the ancient techniques and the architectural treatises.
Main topics are the history of architectural construction in early modern Rome and in other Italian cities, as well as in Renaissance Europe.

Core Documentation

- J.P. Adam, L’arte di costruire presso i romani, Milano 1989
- R. Gargiani, Principi e costruzione nell’architettura italiana del Quattrocento, Bari 2003
- Les chantiers de la Renaissance, actes des colloques tenues à Tours en 1983, a cura di J. Guillaume, Paris 1991

Type of delivery of the course

Lecture, seminar and lecture on site.


It is warmly suggested to attend the lectures.

Type of evaluation

*****May 2020 - COVID19 emergency**** Due to the Covid-19 emergency, the summer exam session will be online via Microsoft Teams. The final oral exam is dedicated to the contents of the course and to the bibliography. Students have to choose in advance a topic for the oral exam. The examination will begin with the discussion of the chosen topic and it will continue with questions on the course contents. To pass the exam, students are required to demonstrate that they have acquired a critical knowledge of the programme and that they are able to use a proper specific language. I will grade the knowledge of the general and specific bibliography and the capability to discuss the programme.