The interdisciplinary nature of the course allows you to recognize and describe the areas of natural and man made landscape in which intervenes, to deal consciously with the different phases of human settlement, with the history and form of urban structures.
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Mutuazione: 21010039-3 RAPPRESENTAZIONE DEL PAESAGGIO in Architettura - Progettazione urbana LM-4 CALISI DANIELE


The Landscape Representation lessons will be aimed at providing the cognitive and practical bases for the analogical and digital management of the landscape project. In particular, attention will be paid to the representation of the landscape through drawings in the various techniques. In this regard, students must keep an A5 format notebook on which to write down information, ideas, and sketches of the project area. Other lessons will be dedicated to the digital representation of the landscape, with targeted lessons on photographic techniques, image management, post production and project render composition through photo editing software. Students will be presented with the new trends in landscape representation, so that they can re-propose the techniques also in the projects of the year theme.
Other lessons will be dedicated to the laboratory which will allow a direct and continuous comparison with the students for a complete project management in different aspects.

Core Documentation

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Type of delivery of the course

There are no deliveries for the Landscape module. The deliveries requested are intended to comment on the works and guide students in critical choices. The lessons and laboratory hours will be dedicated to the analysis and study of representation for the assigned year theme. we will try to guide the students, divided into groups, towards an optimal and coherent representation of the landscape, using different languages.


Compulsory attendance for 75% of lessons as per teaching regulations.

Type of evaluation

Telematic oral exam concerning the project realized during the course. The evaluation will be collegial with the other teachers. The project tables, consistency with the context, the representation and layout of the tables, videos and project renders will be assessed. In addition, students will have to communicate orally the choices made which will have to be reflected in the tables presented through an adequate use of the architectural language and the application of the graphic regulations.