To acquire sufficient knowledge of the English language to allow to read, translate and understand Business English texts.
The course allows the student to acquire the B2 level language skills of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for the knowledge of languages) focused on Business English topics.
Some of the goals include:
• Writing e-mails and formal letters;
• Mastering the vocabulary, expressions and grammar related to the field of work
• Obtaining a degree of fluency in targeted conversations avoiding possible misunderstandings due to different cultural backgrounds.
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Fruizione: 21201444 BUSINESS ENGLISH in Economia e Management LM-77 N0 Chiarella Morgan


grammar: modals, conditionals, idioms, relative clauses, determiners and quantifiers, the passive, making comparisons, making predictions, cause and effect, referring and sequencing, prepositions, reported speech.

writing: emails, memos, reports

modern business life topics: brands, competition, leadership, team-building, independence, public and provate sectors, entering new markets,

Core Documentation

Best Practice - Upper Intermediate
Business English in a Global Context

Cambridge English
Business Benchmark
Upper intermediate