The course introduces to the teoretical and political aspects of communication. A special attention will be drawn both on the concepts of culture, democracy and multiculturalism, and on the relationship between rationality and identity, interests and values, intercultural perspectives and political and identitarian conflicts, in global times.


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Mutuazione: 20704029 FILOSOFIA, SOCIETA', COMUNICAZIONE in Scienze della Comunicazione L-20 GIARDINI FEDERICA


The course introduces the relationship between language and politics and the different dimensions of this relationship.
The course will develop with a focus on on the different forms of the political space, in history and in contemporary times.

Core Documentation

Dispense (nuova versione 2021)
F. Giardini, L'alleanza inquieta (pdf disponibile on line)
H. Lefebvre, Spazio e politica. Diritto alla città II, ombre corte 2020
F. Castelli, Spazio pubblico (cap. 1; cap. 3, §1; cap. IV, §§ 2-5 disponibili on line)
F. Giardini, Città stellari, in La Libertà è una Passeggiata. Donne e spazi urbani tra violenza strutturale e autodeterminazione, a c. di C. Belingardi, F. Castelli, S. Olcuire, IAPh Italia, Roma 2019, pp. 55-60 (pdf disponibile on line)

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Type of evaluation

For those attending the course, a paper on the topics of the programme can be presented. For Erasmus students the paper can be presented in their native language or in English (please contact prof. Giardini)