The course is part of the educational activities to be chosen by students within the three-year degree course in Communication Sciences.
The course aims to provide the tools to organize and write a dissertation and to acquire familiarity and practice with academic and essay writing.
In terms of approach and methods, the course aims to provide students with the basic tools through practical exercises.
At the end of the course, students will be able to manage the elements that enable them to organize and write a dissertation.

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The course is divided into three parts: 1) ideation of the thesis (development of the topic, bibliographic research, drafting of the index); 2) drafting of the thesis (general structure, construction of the text and arguments, quotes and notes, bibliography); 3) revision and presentation of the thesis (mise en page of the text, editing, images and graphics). At the end of the course the students will be able to set up and write their own thesis.

Core Documentation

R. GUALDO, L. RAFFAELLI, S. TELVE, Scrivere all’università. Pianificare e realizzare testi efficaci, Carocci, Roma 2014.

Additional teaching materials will be provided in class.

Reference Bibliography

U. ECO, Come si fa una tesi di laurea. Le materie umanistiche, Bompiani, Milano 2008.

Type of delivery of the course

Face-to-face lesson and distance lesson.

Type of evaluation

The evaluation will be based on the exercises carried out during the course and on a final written test.