The course aims at improving students’ reading and writing skills focusing on technical-scientific texts. Such skills are particularly important in research as well as in scientific dissemination. To this purpose, during the laboratory students will be guided in the critical reading of the scientific literature, to analyze the distinctive features of academic texts and the main techniques of scientific writing in the field of communication sciences. At the end of the course, students will be able to comprehend, project and write the contents of a scientific paper.
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Mutuazione: 20710653 LABORATORIO DI SCRITTURA SCIENTIFICA - LM in Scienze Cognitive della Comunicazione e dell'Azione LM-92 CHIERA ALESSANDRA


The laboratory aims at providing theoretical and practical tools for public communication and dissemination of scientific contents. To this aim, it is organized into the following main topics:
- Planning a scientific paper: the development of research questions, literature research, draft, stylistic and scientific review, submission
- The structure of a scientific paper: abstract, keywords, discussion of the literature, introduction of data, discussion of results, citations and references
- Readability and verifiability
- Quality of argumentation
- Guidelines of techniques of scientific writing
- The language style: accuracy, punctuation, scientific English

Core Documentation

D. Gouthier, Scrivere di scienza. Esercizi e buone pratiche per divulgatori, giornalisti, insegnanti e ricercatori di oggi. Codice edizioni, Torino 2019.

Further materials provided in class.

Type of delivery of the course

Courses are both in presence and remotely on Teams

Type of evaluation

Creation of a scientific paper