The course aims at providing students with a basic knowledge of methods, tools and approaches characterizing sociolinguistics, taking also into account the epistemological problems concerning its adjacency to other branches of linguistic and social knowledge. At the end of the course, students will write an essay showing their competence in gathering data and analyzing them in sociolinguistic perspective.


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Mutuazione: 20710322 LINGUISTICA E SOCIETA' - LM in Informazione, editoria, giornalismo LM-19 POMPEI ANNA


This is an introductive course to sociolinguistics. The epistemological setting of this branch of knowledge will be discussed, and its basic elements and tools will be introduced. Specific attention will be paid to two major sociolinguistic approaches, i.e. correlational and interactional sociolinguistics.

Core Documentation

Berruto, G. – M. Cerruti, (2019), II ed., Manuale di sociolinguistica, Torino, UTET

Additional material will be provided during the course.

Type of evaluation

The exam consists (1) in the elaboration of a n essay of about 30000 characters on a topic to be agreed with the teacher, starting from those dealt with during the course and (2) in a couple of questions concerning the parts of the program not dealth with in the essay. The essay must be structured in a first part, theoretical in nature, and in a second original part, consisting in the analysis of data collected by the student in relation to the chosen topic. The paper must be handed in to the teacher one week before the chosen date of the exam.