20110287 - Diritto della previdenza sociale

Social security law (7 CFU)
The course aims to provide the fundamental notions of the law of public and private social security, basic and complementary, also taking into account the most recent legislative evolution and jurisprudential guidelines.
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The course will focus on the study and treatment of social security law. Specifically, the following topics will be covered: social security; the legal system of social security and social assistance; the contributory obligation and financing; the social security relationship and benefit; sickness, family income, disability and incapacity; unemployment, employer insolvency, wage supplementation; old-age pension, survivor benefits; the supplementary social security system; social assistance and citizenship rights.

Core Documentation

R. PESSI, Lezioni di diritto della previdenza sociale, Padova, Cedam, 2022 (only sections I, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII, XIII e XIV. However, it is also recommended to read sections II to VI).

Type of delivery of the course

The course will consist of classroom lectures on the themes of the exam programme, which will also include exercises, in-depth seminars, analysis of practical cases and judgements. The attendance of the course is not compulsory.

Type of evaluation

The verification of the acquired learning will be executed by means of an oral test. There will be at least three questions and they will cover the entire content of the examination programme. The purpose of the questions is to verify the level of learning and understanding of the topics and concepts covered by the course. The following in particular will be assessed: argumentative logic, ownership of legal language and ability to apply the concepts studied in practice. ERASMUS students will be asked to write a comparative thesis on a single institution, chosen by the student, between the law of the country of origin and the Italian law. The thesis (at least 20/30 pages long) must be delivered on the day of the test, during which the student will illustrate the contents and results of the work carried out. For those who fail the exam or refuse the grade, it is possible to take the exam in the next appeal. It is not possible to take the Employment Law exam and the Law and Social Security Economics exam in the same appeal.