20110328 - Attività: The contract in law courts

The course examines the main institutions of contract law through their jurisprudential application. This approach aims to stimulate the student to a more critical analysis of legal doctrines than the one that mainly focuses on the text of the civil code or on sectorial legislation. The educational objectives are twofold: (i) through the analysis of some of the most relevant judgments issued by European and Italian courts in the last decades, the course intends to raise awareness of the fundamental importance of legal interpretation; (ii) as for the specific field of contract law, this type of analysis should allow a deeper understanding of this branch of private law, as it results in the ‘law in action’.

Mutuazione: 20110328 Attività: Il contratto nella giurisprudenza in Scienze dei servizi giuridici L-14 (docente da definire)