20110334 - Attività: Family proceedings

Attività: Diritto processuale della famiglia e dei minori


Mutuazione: 20110334 Attività: Diritto processuale della famiglia e dei minori in Scienze dei servizi giuridici L-14 (docente da definire)

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Mutuazione: 20110334 Attività: Diritto processuale della famiglia e dei minori in GIURISPRUDENZA LMG/01 CARRATTA ANTONIO


Division of competence between the ordinary court and the juvenile court.
The de responsabilitate proceedings and the unified trial.
The unified trial of family relationships.
Assisted negotiation and family mediation.
The role of the minor in the new family trial.
The regulation of provisional and urgent measures.
Indirect coercion in family matters
Family and gender violence and civil protection
The new judgments of separation and divorce
The court for persons, minors and families.

Core Documentation

A. Carratta, Le riforme del processo civile, Giappichelli, Torino, 2023 (Chapter II, Section IV)

Type of delivery of the course

The course will take place with lectures in which the relevant legal institutes will be illustrated and analysed. To facilitate a better understanding of the topics, space will be given to discussions on doctrine, direct analysis of important jurisprudential arrests and practical simulations. The direct participation of the students will also be solicited, also for the purpose of constantly verifying the adequate understanding of the institutes illustrated. Teaching materials will be made available to learners to consult, according to the case, before, during or after the individual lessons.


Course start: 23 March 2023 – Lessons: Thursday 14-16 (room 9), Friday 10-12 (room 204)

Type of evaluation

Final oral exam: students will have to answer two questions orally. Eligibility is achieved by the student who demonstrates at least a fair knowledge of the subject, expressed through an adequate technical language and proven by the ability to correctly identify the logical connections with other institutes of procedural law.