20110447 - Attività: Legal clinic about victims of crime

Contributing - through the collection, analysis and processing of empirical data, best practices, legislation and case law - to the filling of the contents of the Web Portal of Victims of Crime, under development within the “Coordination Table for the creation of an integrated network of assistance services for crimes victims”, established at the Minister of Justice and that involves different Institutions, such as the Minister of Internal Affairs, the State-Region Conference, the CNF, Rete Dafne Italia, the CNR and, for the Academia, CRUI and the Law Department of the University of Rome III.
Contributing, after coordination with the CNR, to the constant and efficient updating of the contents of the above-mentioned Web Portal of Victims of crime, through the constant monitoring of the existing case-law and of the implementation of the regulation on protection of victims, even under a supranational perspective.
Promoting literacy in legal practice concerning the rights and assistance of victims of crime among law students.