20110656 - Activities: Legal Clinic on Civil Mediation

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Mutuazione: 20110656 Attività: Clinica legale in mediazione civile in GIURISPRUDENZA LMG/01 FRADEANI FRANCESCO


Civil mediation inside the Adr system and more generally in the regulatory framework for the protection of rights, face the reform introduced by the Legge Delega n. 206 of 2021 and by Decreto Legislativo no. 149/22, in an internal, comparative perspective, with particular attention to the practical-applicative profiles.

Core Documentation

Some readings useful for better understanding the civil mediation system will be indicated in class.

Type of delivery of the course

Some lessons will be held remotely, all others face-to-face. The activity of the Legal Clinic will take place according to a calendar of meetings on a seminar basis.

Type of evaluation

To obtain the qualify, it is sufficient to profitably participate in the Clinic's activities.