21210113 - STATISTICS

Statistics is a compulsory course aimed at introducing the basic techniques for the analysis of statistical data. Topics taught include displaying and describing data, basic probability theory and statistical inference. Attention will be focused on applications to business and economics.
At the end of the course, the student will have:
- become familiar with the main concepts and methods of descriptive statistical analysis, probability and inference;
- acquired a theoretical understanding of statistical techniques and an appropriate critical sense in choosing the most suitable indicators and techniques for the analysis of data sets with specific characteristics;
- developed the ability to analyse real data sets by choosing the most appropriate technique, applying it and interpreting the results.


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Descriptive statistics:
variables and their measurement, univariate distributions, describing data with tables and graphs, measures of position, variability.
Bivariate descriptive statistics: independence, association, correlation, probability distributions for discrete and continuous variables, sampling distributions
Inference: estimation, hypothesis test, regression

Core Documentation

A. Agresti, B. Finlay. Statistical methods for the social sciences. Pearson International Edition-4th edition (2009)

Type of delivery of the course

The course normally includes classroom lectures. There are 2 hours of weekly exercises for the duration of the course.

Type of evaluation

The exam consists of a written test, with exercises and theoretical questions. The test is considered passed if the sufficiency is achieved both in the practical and theoretical part. It is not allowed to introduce any formulary and/or book in the exam room. It is allowed to introduce only the tables of probability distributions in the format made available on the course website. A candidate who has successfully passed the written test can request that the mark obtained in the written test be recorded, unless the oral test is requested by the teacher.

Mutuazione: 21210113 STATISTICA in Economia e gestione aziendale L-18 (docente da definire)