20110209 - LABOUR LAW

The Course has the aim to study the provisions for the protection of the worker.
The Course is divided in two parts: Industrial relations and Employment relationship rights.
The Industrial relations will depth origins, evolution and discipline of the Trade Unions organisations, the collective agreements, the collective bargaining, different levels of collective agreements, the strike in the Italian Costitution, Titolarity and exercise of the strike; external and internal limits to the strike; the strike in the public essential services.
The course section about employment relationship will study the topics of the subordination and autonomy.
Within the subordination different typologies of employment contract will be analysed: fixed-term contract, the partial time work, apprentices, job on call, the smart-working, Agency employment, The special employment contracts.
Furthermore, the employment relations contents will be analysed: hiring by private and public work agencies; numeric call, nominative call; direct hiring; the gig-economy and the work by platform; Payment of salary; employees tasks and duties;
The course section about autonomous work will analyse the contract for the provision of services, the sales agent contract , the coordinated and continuative collaborations.
More in general, the course will be the aim to offer the knowledge of the main legal features of the labour market. More precisely the course is aiming at permitting to the future labour law advisers and experts of human resources to be aknowledged about the European and Italian labour law.
Furthermore, the student will acquire the legal language and will be capable to use it in a more appropriated way. The student will have got the essential instruments to keep costantly updated