20110344 - Attività: A Day of Crisis

Students will train and take part in the “The Day of Crisis” competition, organized by the University of Paris Nanterre, with the participation of teams from France, Belgium, Germany, Russia, UK and Australia. Over the course of 24 hours, student teams will face a series of major international crises. Competing teams must represent governments, international organisations, businesses or non-governmental organisations, in dealing with a variety of legal issues quickly, accurately and diplomatically. The crisis evolves as the 24 hours unfold, with new information and questions arising. Teams may be requested to: provide a legal opinion, advise a client; draft documents (press release, note verbale, Security Council Resolution etc.); negotiate on behalf of a client or elaborate diplomatic or judicial strategies.
At the end of this course, students will be able to:
- undertake international legal research
- analyse and synthesise international legal information and materials
- apply international law to complex issues, and critique the law from a practical perspective, either individually or as part of a team
- prepare appropriate and practical written and oral arguments for a specialist legal audience
- reflect on their abilities to effectively undertake legal work as a member of a team.