20110105 - Tourism law

Diritto del turismo
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Mutuazione: 20110105 Diritto del turismo in Scienze dei servizi giuridici L-14 GRISI GIUSEPPE


The program will start with the examination of the tourism legislation, at international, national and local levels. Afterwards, the touristic enterprise and the different touristic activities will be analyzed, included notes on the touristic professions and vocational training. At last, the course will be devoted to the transport contracts, the hotel contract, the time-share, the travel contract, the organized tourism contracts, the touristic locations and the ADR in the touristic field. Special attention will be devoted to highly topical matters such as the ruined vacation damage.

Core Documentation

G. GRISI - S. MAZZAMUTO, Diritto del turismo, III ediz., Torino, 2020.