20110608 - ADR Law

The course tends towards an examination of the regulation, function and effects of alternative dispute resolution instruments, with the aim of framing their systematic scope in the system of the protection of rights and investigating the positive regulation of each individual instrument. Attention will be paid on the distinction between autonomous and heteronomous instruments of dispute resolution. Arbitration, mediation, conciliation, assisted negotiation, settlement and inspection settlement will be specifically examined in their respective fields of application. Finally, insights will be offered on the topics of administrative dispute resolution and consumer ADR, with hints on ODR (online dispute resolution).
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- Alternative dispute resolution in the system of rights protection
- ADR, contract, judgement
- Autonomous and heteronomous means of dispute resolution
- Arbitration
- Mediation, conciliation
- Assisted negotiation
- Settlement, inspection settlement
. Administrative dispute resolution, consumer ADR, ODR (online dispute resolution): hints.