Acquire specific knowledge on methods and technologies used in the biomedical field, through the proposition of significant examples of biomedical signals acquisition. Get acquainted with the fundamentals of the regulations and certification of biomedical devices and systems. Get familiar with the instrumentation for the acuisition of biomedical data and signals, and for the assessment of the performance, quality and safety of the biomedical instrumentation.
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The role of instrumentation and biomedical technologies
Elements of physiology, and biopotentials.
Elements of applied electronics.
Biopotential sampling: conditioning, sampling and quantization.
The electrocardiograph.
Elements of electrical safety and laboratory instrumentation.
Seminars and exercise lessons.

Core Documentation

by Guido Avanzolini, Elisa Magosso

Reference Bibliography

Material provided by the teacher and suggested books.

Type of evaluation

Assessment is made by a written test consisting of exercises, multiple-choice and open-ended questions and an oral test aimed at completing/integrating/harmonizing what was assessed in the written test.