20810282 - Seismic Engineering

The course of Earthquake Engineering is part of the master's degree program in Civil Engineering for Natural Risk Mitigation, which aims to train a civil engineer with high professional qualifications related to the hydrogeological and seismic risk mitigation. As part of the Master degree program, the course of Earthquake Engineering aims to provide students with the knowledge and analysis tools necessary for the design of new buildings in seismic areas and the seismic retrofitting of existing ones. The course covers the fundamentals of seismology, explaining the genesis and measurement of seismic action, up to the definition of design earthquake load. The damage and failure modes of civil structures induced by earthquakes are reviewed. The fundamental aspects of the dynamic behaviour of elastic and inelastic structures with one or more degrees of freedom under seismic action are recalled. The methods for seismic analysis of structures are then presented: linear static analysis, modal analysis, non-linear static analysis, and then the design philosophy based on the capacity design is presented. Finally, both, the design and dimensioning of new structures and the techniques of seismic retrofitting of existing ones in reinforced concrete are presented
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The course provides the basic tools for the design of civil structures in seismic zones, including the definition of seismic action, the fundamentals of seismic behaviour of buildings and the design philosophy of seismic-resistant structures.
Below is the course programme and content:
- Seismology: tectonics, faults, magnitude, intensity and attenuation laws
- Seismic hazard, maps and seismic classification
- Design seismic action
- Seismic response of single-degree-of-freedom and multi-degree-of-freedom systems
- Design principles in seismic zones: typologies and structural regularity
- Analysis methods: linear static analysis, linear dynamic analysis, non-linear static analysis
- Modelling of multi-storey buildings in reinforced concrete 

- Design of reinforced concrete elements according to capacity design
- Design of seismic retrofitting of reinforced concrete structures
- Code requirements