22910166 - Computer skills

The course aims to provide knowledge and skills that allow the students to use the computer as a tool for the automation of the most common and elementary activities related to information processing.

- Knowledge and understanding: Computer knowledge, understanting of the potentiality of the computer, knowledge of the information coding
- Applying knowledge and understanding: Ability to use the computer and the tool for computing fo information processing and communication
- Making judgements: The ability to understand the potential that any computing device (smartphone, laptop, PC, ecc) isable to do independeently fro the future evolution of the market
- Learning skills: be able to adapt to the changes in the future of the market and of the technology.


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- ICT basic concepts: Algorithms and computation theory, Information encoding, Hardware, Software, Networks, communication and information technologies.
- Computer use: Operating systems, File system, Tools and Printing.
- Spreadsheet: Using excel, Cells, Managing spreadsheets, Arithmetic formula and functions, Text and number formatting, Graphs.
- Text processing: Using word, Creating and formatting documents, Objects, Mail merge, Printing.
- Presentations: Using powerpoint, Creating a presentation, Text, Shapes, Objects, Animations and transitions.
- Online collaboration: remote storage and on-line forms.
- Elementary python programming

Testi Adottati

Informatica di Base. Mauro Mezzini, Apogeo Education, Maggioli Editore, 2016

See also the website http://host.uniroma3.it/docenti/mezzini/teaching.html

Modalità Erogazione

Teaching will include both traditional classroom lessons and exercises in the laboratory

Modalità Valutazione

There is a written test, which last 40 minutes and consist in a set of multiple choice questions on all the topics of the course. All, students not having the ECDL have to take only the written test. Who has the ECDL has to take an oral test. Students not passing a test may repeat the test on the next session.