22910184 - PEDIATRY

The objective of the course is to acquire a suitable cultural background to identify, interpret and manage, in a reasoned manner, the basic pediatric problems, with particular reference to the range 0-6.

At the end of the course the student:

- has acquired basic knowledge about knowledge and skills of pediatrics and the psychomotor, psychic, emotional and social development of the child.


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1. The newborn and the infant: main physiopathological characteristics of the first months of life
2. Nutrition: breastfeeding and weaning
3. Approach to communication with the child and his family
4. Psychomotor and cognitive development in the first year of life
5. Approach to the child with fever
6. The main gastrointestinal infectious diseases
7. Gastroesophageal reflux disease
8. Celiac disease
9. Pediatric respiratory tract infections: characteristics and treatment
10. Tuberculosis
11. Infections of the central nervous system
12. Urinary tract infections and the main nephrological pathologies
13. The importance of vaccinations and the vaccination schedule
14. Infectious diseases
15. Pediatric auxology
16. Bedwetting
17. Allergic diseases
18. Down Syndrome
19. Diabetes
20. Emergencies in pediatrics
21. Seizures
22. Accidents in pediatrics
23. Obesity
24. Child abuse
25. The child and sport

Part of the program is dedicated to early childhood and applications to educational contexts for childhood

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Vademecum di diagnosi e terapia pediatrica
Riccardo Riccardi
Editore: Com Publishing

Modalità Erogazione

In the event of an extension of the health emergency from COVID-19, all the provisions governing the methods of carrying out teaching activities and student evaluation will be implemented.

Modalità Frequenza

optional but recommended

Modalità Valutazione

Multiple choice written test