Learning goals: the student is able to discuss learning changes moved by digital technologies and to design blended learning paths.
Relational goals: the student improves his communicating skills and is well active in learning communities
- Knowledge and understanding: the student is conscius that knowledge is endlessly changing
- Applying knowledge and understanding: the student uses Internet effectively
- Making judgements: the student is well oriented on Internet
- Communication skills: the student is able in public speaking
- Learning skills: the student knows his meta-learnig


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The operational program of the course - which coincides with its main objective - involves the design and realisation of a digital story, according to the narrative technique of Digital Storytelling; the story, elaborated by the working groups collaborating in presence and online, must explore some of the main themes developed in one of the nodes of the text “I-learning. Stories and reflections on the educational relationship”.
The Project Work allows reflection on the constituent elements of online training and, in particular, on the characteristics of synchronous/asynchronous communication environments and the relationship between in-presence and online activities in a blended training course.
The meta-objective - of the course and of the PW - intends to foster the awareness of relational skills and operational strategies implemented during the development of collaborative activities: these skills and strategies are configured as “Know how” of reference necessary for an integrated development of relationships in the form of a network between individuals and between any individual and the organizational context.
The course encourages reflection on the importance of an experiential activity aimed at creating a positive working climate based on the win-win relational model and teamwork; on the possible metaphors relating to relational dynamics and different communication styles; on the centrality of stories and narration in learning processes.

Core Documentation

A. Quagliata (2014), I-learning. Storie e riflessioni sulla relazione educativa (Armando editore)

Bianchi L., (2019), Un piano d’azione per la ricerca qualitativa. Epistemologia della complessità e Grounded theory costruttivista, Milano: Franco Angeli. (capitoli 1, 2, riflessioni conclusive)

Type of delivery of the course

Blended learning


It's mandatory to take part in online learning activities

Type of evaluation

Multiform assessment