The aim of the course is to provide students with the basic knowledge to be able to observe political and legal phenomena in a sociological perspective and therefore of connection between politics, law and social change. To this end, the course offers students the analysis of the main sociological theories that have formulated concepts in use in the study of political and legal phenomena.

At the end of the course the student has acquired the ability to frame and discuss political and legal phenomena using the concepts of sociological theory
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title and topic of the course:
Power, law, politics, law: a sociological introduction
Is power synonymous with politics?
Is law synonymous with law?
And even if it might not be so, why is it possible that in some cases things are in these terms?
With the help of some recent sociological schools, and keeping in the background the work of some classics such as Max Weber, we will try to make the attempt to answer the three previous questions an opportunity to introduce sociology, and therefore inevitably, to the critique of "State".

course objective
Provide the sociological tools capable of making a critique of the ideology of the "State".

references to contact the teacher:
- Viale del Castro Pretorio, 4th floor, room C4.05; - reception (during the course): Thursday from 12 to 13 (booking is recommended);
- e-mail: luca.diotallevi@uniroma3.it.

Core Documentation

Exam's texts
Blokker P., Guercio L., Sociologia dei diritti umani, Mondadori, Milano 2020.
Luhmann N., I diritti fondamentali come istituzione, Dedalo.
Diotallevi L., Ordine imperfetto, Rubbettino.

Other readings will be communicated step by step.
Among those:
Blokker P., Guercio L., Sociologia dei diritti umani, Mondadori, Milano 2020;
Cassese S., Lo stato introvabile. Modernità e arretratezza delle istituzioni italiane, Donzelli;
Ferrarese M.R., Prima lezione di diritto globale, Laterza, Roma-Bari;
Matteucci N., Origanizzazione del potere e libertà, il Mulino, Bologna;
Panebianco A., Belardinelli S., All’alba di un mondo nuovo, il Mulino, Bologna;
Reinhard W., Storia dello stato moderno, il Mulino, Bologna;
Weber M., Economia e società (una qualsiasi edizione critica, in particolare la parte introduttiva e quella dedicata alla analisi della politica).

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Type of delivery of the course

Lessons: Wednesday 16 - 17 Thursday 10 - 12 Beginning lessons: March 2nd 2022.

Type of evaluation

oral exam: dates: summer session: I appello 6 Giugno 2022 9.30 aula … II appello 22 Giugno 2022 9.30 aula … autumn session: I appello 5 Settembre 2022 9.30 aula … II appello 21 Settembre 2022 9.30 aula … winter session: I appello ... Gennaio 2023 9.30 aula … II appello ... Genmaio2023 9.30 aula …