22910021 - Storia della Pedagogia

The training objectives of the course are aimed at the acquisition and consolidation of knowledge relating to the history of pedagogical ideas which, between the 18th and 20th centuries, were expressed by some of the most important authors of Western thought. The aim is to make students aware that the history of ideas from the past is an indispensable tool for interpreting the present.
With the study of History of Pedagogy the student will be able to achieve the following educational objectives.
In terms of knowledge and understanding:
- Awareness of the epistemological foundations of the history of pedagogical ideas.
In terms of ability to apply knowledge and understanding:
- Through the knowledge acquired, critically analyze the relationship between the history of pedagogical ideas and different educational practices.
In terms of autonomy of judgment:
- ability to evaluate what is past survives in the present of educational contexts.
In terms of learning and investigation skills:
- development of knowledge related to the most recent cognitive pathways in the field of the history of pedagogy and education.
In terms of communication skills:
- identification and criticism of stereotypes and prejudices conveyed by pedagogical ideas, in order to favour their overcoming in educational practices.

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The course consists of a basic course and a monographic part. The basic course is focused on History of pedagogical ideas from the ancient age till the second half of the Twentieth century, with particular consideration to the thought of some of the most important and significant Authors in Western history of thought. Particular attention will be devoted to the thoughts of John Dewey by reading 'School and Society' (1899).

Core Documentation

1. Saverio Santamaita, Storia dell'educazione e delle pedagogie, Pearson, MyLab, 2019
2. F. Borruso, R. Gallelli, G. Seveso (Eds), Dai saperi negati alle avventure della conoscenza. Esclusione ed emancipazione nei percorsi educativi tra storia e attualità, Unicopli, Milano, 2022 (essays: 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9)
3.John Dewey, Scuola e società, introduction by F. Borruso, Edizioni Conoscenza, Roma, 2018.

Type of delivery of the course

The course will take place through a dedicated online platform. There are also some lessons in synchronous mode through the teams platform; discussion forum.


distance course

Type of evaluation

The exam will take place in written form through test (40) and 2 open questions.