22910038 - Social psychology

The course aims at providing knowledge and skills allowing the student to understand the individual and group processes (e.g., individual differences, attitudes) at the basis of social interaction, and to use such capabilities interpret the social realm of every-day life, in applied fields such as health promotion, environmental education, and social sustainability.
With the study of social psychology and social attitudes the student will be able to achieve the following educational objectives.
In terms of knowledge and understanding:
• knowledge and understanding of the basic concepts of social cognition;
• knowledge and understanding of the theoretical and methodological foundations of empirical research in the social psychological domain;

In terms of ability to apply knowledge and understanding:
• to distinguish naive social psychology from scientific knowledge of social behavior acquired through empirical research;
• Apply models of human social interaction to the interpretation of the main contexts of everyday life in which social interaction takes place.

In terms of independent judgment:
• distinguish between different approaches and worldviews at the base of social psychological research;
• interpret social cognition issues in the light of theoretical models and empirical studies in social psychology.

In terms of communication skills:
• synthesize and effectively present the main mechanisms of social interaction

In terms of learning ability:
• deepen their knowledge using texts and models developed within behavioral and social sciences.
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Theories and research methods in social psychology. Knowledge and perception of the social world. Social cognition. Dual models and implicit social cognition. Attitudes, stereotypes, and prejudice. Social relations: small group processes and intergroup relations. Communication, persuasion and social influence. Applied social psychology: health, environment and sustainable development.

Core Documentation

- Hogg e Vaughan. Psicologia sociale. Pearson Editore
- Passafaro, Carrus, Pirchio. I bambini e l’ecologia: Aspetti psicologici dell’educazione ambientale. Carocci editore

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Type of delivery of the course

front lessons + moodle platform



Type of evaluation

Multiple choice test + open-ended questions