22910139 - Expression education

The course will allow students to acquire:
- theoretical knowledge and methodological-didactic skills relating to learning and teaching processes which use artistic and poetic forms of human expression.
- basic knowledge relating to the development of expressive and relational human capabilities and of the dynamisms that contribute to the creation and fruition of a work of art.
With the study of Pedagogy of Expression the student will be able to achieve the following educational objectives.
In terms of knowledge and understanding:
- to describe the epistemological field and methodological procedures that characterize the discipline;
- to identify the problematic issues that lie within the discipline.
In terms of the ability to apply knowledge and understanding:
- to test on themselves the methodological knowledge acquired;
- to devise paths of pedagogy of expression suitable for different educational contexts.
In terms of autonomy of judgement:
- to connect the theoretical dimension to the educational practice in the expressive field;
- to evaluate workshops related to pedagogy of expression in relation to different educational contexts.
In terms of communication skills:
- to convey the sense and value of pedagogical attention to expressive dynamics;
- to contribute to the realization of educational projects that develop relational and expressive skills.
In terms of learning skills:
- to interpret a poetic and a theatrical text;
- to integrate educational proposals that are not responsive to the dynamics of human expression and understanding.

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Education and sexuality.
The course aims to investigate ways and forms in which it is possible to hypothesise a pedagogy of expression that proposes to educate on sexuality. The theme will be addressed by drawing on works of philosophers and artists, such as: Rainer Maria Rilke, Edda Ducci and Pier Paolo Pasolini.

Core Documentation

Scaramuzzo, G., Per un'ermeneutica dell'educativo. L'insegnamento scritto e quello non scritto di Edda Ducci, Anicia, Roma, 2020.
Scaramuzzo, G., Stanze di Eros. Un progetto di educazione poetica alla sessualità, Anicia, Roma, 2023.
Pier Paolo Pasolini, Comizi d'amore (film-documentary available online) and a film of the teacher's choice.
Rainer Maria Rilke, Letters to a Young Poet (any edition)

Type of delivery of the course

The course will be delivered in presence and the active participation of students will be encouraged.

Type of evaluation

An oral test in which the candidate present an original elaboration of the programme and answers questions posed by the lecturer.