The aim of the course is the presentation and analysis of the phases that characterize the planning processes of social policies and services as well as the discussion of the procedures and problems with which it is necessary to confront. Particular attention is paid to the study of governance logics and participatory procedures.
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The topics that will be addressed in the course are the following
- the principles and models of social programming
- the tool of social planning: the zone plan in the Lazio Region
- the key words of social programming: integration, governance and participation
- programming in a framework for outsourcing services
- the forms and tools of the outsourcing of social services
- planning of personal services in an age of social and financial crisis
- how to manage the scarcity of resources in programming processes
- the perspectives of social planning in some areas of intervention: the elderly, minors, poverty.

Core Documentation

Bifulco L., Il welfare locale. Processi e prospettive, Carocci, 2015
Burgalassi, Politica sociale e welfare locale, Carocci, 2012
Pacini L., Gori C., Giovannetti M., La pratica del welfare locale, Maggioli, 2015
Bertin G. e Fazzi L., La governance nelle politiche sociali in Italia, Carocci, 2010 (capp. 2, 4 e 5)
Legge Regione Lazio 11/2016
PSR Lazio 2017-2019

Reference Bibliography

Gori C., Il piano di zona, Carocci, 2004

Type of delivery of the course

Lectures in the classroom, with the use of an IT platform for the shared development of thematic insights

Type of evaluation

The examination is carried out in written and oral form. For the written test, which consists of 2 open questions, the student has 30 minutes of time. At the end of the written test the oral examination begins, which consists in the discussion of the written test and in the formulation of further questions. If the number of those booked in the written test does not allow all candidates to be examined orally, the oral exam can be postponed to one of the following days.