Aims of the course: Students will acquire a specific vocabulary for social studies and education through the study of the text English for Educators, together with the ability to understand and express ideas on relevant and complex cultural issues found in the text The Shape of a Culture.
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- This course is meant to provide a cultural analysis of the texts studied, a reflection on English (and Englishes) and a study of the language itself in the context of the emergence of Cultural Studies and Post Colonial Studies from the 19th century to the present. The texts provide focus on cultural issues related to a culture-bound use of English and are related to the development and importance of a language for a consequent cultural and social development of a country. Students will have to deal with these texts in order to read, understand and interpret texts in English from a linguistic, sociological, historical and cultural perspective.
- Lessons will be held in English and in Italian. Activities such as cloze tests, reading / comprehension and listening / comprehension exercises will be part of the course. Authentic materials will be used in order to provide different models of the use of English. Video and audio materials will be used to enhance listening skills.

Core Documentation

All texts and video are available at Formonline (e-platform). All texts deal with the five main areas covered by our course: industrilization and the concept of modernity / gender studies and gender equality / language and culture / post-colonialism and multiculturalism / pop culture

Type of evaluation

The exam will be held orally on extracts shared through the e-platform TEAMS. Students will be asked to read aloud, translate and comment on extracts from the course texts and will be asked to complete few grammar exercises.