22910110 - Comunicazione di rete (Exchange Program)


With regard to the specific characteristics of the degree course, the frequency of the course will enable students to develop the following skills and competences:

- Learn the general characteristics of digital training, in relation to its history and application of the same;
- Identify the different educational paradigms (with particular reference to instructional and constructional point of view ) that underlie the different types of training in e-learning;
- Recognize the structural obstacles to the dynamics of communication online;
- Focus the size of communicative mediation online understood as support and facilitation of relational activities;
- Develop knowledge and skills in relation to online tutoring
- Understand and apply the practices of peer-tutoring;
- Analyze situations of training in network implemented in the field by detecting strengths and weaknesses;
- Identify the characteristics that define the processes of group management in an online platform;
- Carrying out online group, aimed at research, study, simulation of professional contexts.
- Use the net to search for documentation.
- Learn the ePortfolio general characteristics;
- Know the specific use of ePortfolio;
- Know and use the Mahara platform for the building of ePortfolio
- Design and implement a personal ePortfolio in the perspective of Training and Professional Guidance